Beach season is almost here, and you are thinking that it is time to get your beach bodies on. But maybe you don’t have the time or energy in your busy schedule to commute to and work out at your nearest local gym. If you have space, budget, and determination, then setting up your own home gym is the best investment you can make! The question is, what do you need to incorporate into your home gym? Without getting too fancy or excessive, here is an outline of the exercise equipment items that should be ideally added to your home gym for a proper workout:

What You Need to Set Up Your Very Own Home Gym

What You Need to Set Up Your Very Own Home Gym

  1. Dumbbells

Dumbbells at part of so many exercise routines, especially those related to strengthening your muscle bulk, core, and abs. These are absolute necessities that must be bought for any home gym. Choose hexagonal dumbbells with black rubber coats, which outlast others in durability and comfort. Do not limit yourself to easy weights, buy a range of different weights in 3-5 sets for different exercise requirements, and work your way up with each weight. Remember, don’t overdo your dumbbell training and exercises since they can cause muscle tears and injuries.

  1. Pull Up Bar

Anyone who frequents the gym knows that pull up bars are a great exercise for body strength. You can focus on different exercises to work up different parts of your body, whether upper or lower. Not only are they great for pull-ups, but pull up bars are great for basic gymnastic workouts as well for those who are interested. These bars are easily mounted in the home, with simple location choices including doors, arches or walls. Just remember to get resistance bands to make pull up exercises easier if you are not properly trained or are beginning pull-ups.

  1. Barbell

Barbells come in the category of free weights, which are brilliant for stabilizing and coordinating different exercises for your body needs. You can add barbell workouts into different exercise regimens, and focus on either stability, core strength or muscle buildup. Try not to be too frugal on barbells, and know your body’s limits, since getting subpar bars with improper exercise technique can be harmful to your body. Make sure to check for the right bar that suit your strength and hand size.

  1. Exercise Bike

By far the most popular exercise machine seen in most home gyms, exercise bikes are the perfect choice for any home cardio workout. You can work according to your stamina and strength in complete comfort while working your heart out to get the healthy body you desire. gives you the best exercise bike guide for 2018 to make choosing your ideal bike simple and easy. Choose from a variety of high-quality recumbent exercise bikes for an active and low impact daily cardio routine that suits your health and schedule for an efficient home workout. Not only that, but you can even get bikes can be easily folded and stored, so you can make space in your gym for other workouts, fit in a great exercise machine in any limited space in your home, or even transport the bikes for your convenience to any location you please!

Pick from high-end brands and models via hands-on experience and reviews, tips on what bikes to look for according to your budget, stamina and other needs, and authentic features and specifications fully explained about each individual bike. Get price ranges as well as the pros and cons of each bike, so you can compare and choose which bike suits you.