There is nothing quite like kicking your shoes off after a long day on the job, grabbing a remote and a few snacks and hitting the play button on your big screen TV so surround sound can blow all of your worries and stress away.  The only problem with this is that everyone else always seems to have a problem with what you are watching and the neighbors always seem to have an issue with your sound system.  So how do you overcome these obstacles so you can enjoy your off time to the fullest?  Well, the simplest way to do that is to transform your home’s basement into a mini cinema that you can use whenever you like and as loud as you like.

Transform Your Home’s Basement into the Ultimate Movie Cinema

Get a dehumidifier first

Basements don’t have enough ventilation which usually results in a lot of dampness. This dampness causes paint to peal, molding to grow and can harbor diseases.  The dampness is also the biggest reason why so many people use their basements for storage only.  With a dehumidifier you can maximize this extra space without fearing the humidity because the dehumidifier will remove all the moisture from the air, purify the air and remove bad and stuffy odors from your basement.  It is important to get the best dehumidifier for basements before you start renovating so your basement has time to dry out properly before repainting.

Your dehumidifier will also provide future protection

Once you have a dehumidifier you will never stop reaping the benefits of these tiny machines because the dehumidifier will keep your furniture, electric appliances and paint from damaging due to too much moisture for as long as you use it.

The dehumidifier will improve your health

Dehumidifiers also improves your health because they fight off diseases, purify the air and they reduce pollen and dust particles in the air which reduces allergies.

Things your movie theater absolutely must have

Paint – The first thing you will need is a fresh coat of paint.  A cool grey is perfect for a cinema vibe.

Flooring – Most cinemas has soft red carpeting which means that is exactly what your cinema needs.

Seating – You can actually buy a reclining cinema seat complete with cup holders for your home.  You can get single seats, double, triple, five seaters and even get them custom made for the ultimate movie vibe.

Big screen – Next up you will either need a huge flatscreen TV or preferably a projector on which you can view the movie.

Surround sound – Your cinema wouldn’t be a cinema without great sound.

Lighting – Add dimmed down lights to your cinema.

Posters – For décor you can add movie posters along the walls of your cinema.

Red curtaining – Red curtains inside your cinema can also be a great touch to finish off the vibe.

Mini bar – Normally there isn’t a bar inside a cinema but this is your cinema which means you can bend the rules a bit and add a snack bar and mini fridge for an ultimate experience.