A toolbox that has all the essential tools is necessary to keep handy at your home for completing various tasks all around the home. From putting up a painting on the wall to fixing a broken chair, you will need the toolbox. You cannot call help for each small thing, having some basic tools in your home toolbox and keeping the knowledge of how to make them work is important.

There are countless toolboxes present on the market, from the small basic toolbox to professional toolboxes. If you don’t like the contents of a premade toolbox you can always make your own. Some of the toolbox essential that you should include in your DIY toolbox are:

Tools Homeowners Should Have in Handy at All Times

Tools Homeowners Should Have in Handy at All Times


At home, you don’t need a heavy duty high torque chainsaw. A small, conveniently equipped chainsaw will be ideal for use in your home and yard. To understand what chainsaw is best for homeowners you can look for light duty dandy looking chainsaws on the market. You can find all kinds of chainsaws from small to large, inexpensive to expensive and from basic to highly equipped. In addition, you can find electric or gas chainsaws. Read some of the best chainsaws for homeowners:

  • WORX WG303.1 16 Inch Electric Chainsaw with Auto-Tension:

This chainsaw is the best value product for home use. It can help with light tree and branch cutting. Even though it is light duty and is designed for small tasks it is quite powerful and helps you work efficiently. The auto tension technology used is what makes this product worth buying. The auto tension keeps the tension intact for various uses, which is why you don’t have to spend hours maintaining the chainsaw.

  • Husqvarna 440E 16 Inch 40.9cc 2-Stroke Gas Chainsaw:

This chainsaw has easy to understand features and is lightweight which is why most homeowners prefer it. The price is very reasonable and the product has a large torque, which gives it a lot of power. It is ideal for beginners as its basic features and clear instructions make it very convenient to use.

  • DEWALT DCCS690H1 16″ 40V 6AH Lithium Ion XR Brushless Chainsaw:

This beautiful looking chainsaw is the ideal tool any homeowner needs. Customers love this product, as it does not deal with oil and gas fuels, which is why you do not have to inhale all the fumes while working. There is no choke and string rather an easy to use a trigger, which makes using this product conveniently.


A sledgehammer is one of the most used tools that combine force with sleekness. It provides a better swing and force as compared to a normal hammer. You can easily put nails on the wall or break unwanted elements in your house.


The wrench is necessary as turning nuts and bolts is something that you have to do any DIY task. There are many different sized wrenches on the market, but to make your work more efficient you should go with an adjustable wrench. It can accommodate large number nuts and bolts so you don’t have to change your tool every time you put in a new nut.


The large sized dense jaws of pliers let you apply brute force. You can use them to cut electrical wires or for removing other wires and tapes like fish wire and steel tape. It comes in handy for all the basic tasks. It can even cut nails with moderate strength and remove unwanted nails from your walls.

Needle nose pliers:

Sometimes you have to reach tiny places or bend small parts of steel wires. For cases like these you cannot work with normal pliers, you need needle nose pliers. You can use it create hooks or knot wires as well.