Do you love to bake?  Baking is an amazing skill with plenty of great benefits.  When you have baking skills your family will constantly be awed by all the most delicious baked goods in the world, you can create wonderful pastries and desserts for any occasion and you always have a way to spoil someone special in your life.  A good baker can bake in any kitchen but your kitchen’s layout and kitchen appliances can affect your enjoyment of this hobby.  If getting to your baking is much more of a hassle than an enjoyment then you can pretty soon get annoyed by this supposedly fun hobby.  Here are some tips to create the perfect baker friendly kitchen so you will love baking for the rest of your life.

Tips to Create the Perfect Baker Friendly Kitchen

Tips to Create the Perfect Baker Friendly Kitchen

Choose the right appliances

The right appliances will make your baking sessions a lot quicker and easier.  One kitchen appliance that every baking enthusiast absolutely must have in the kitchen is a stand mixer.  Stand mixers can mix a great variety of baking mixtures quickly, saves you a lot of time on mixing and will greatly enhance the texture and quality of baked goods.  You can shop for the best affordable stand mixer on 99Mixers.  This is a review site that gives information on all of the best stand mixers currently on the market, their pros and cons and their features.  You can quickly identify the best possible stand mixer that will suit your baker’s kitchen just right without spending a fortune.

Fit counters to your height

The right counter height will keep you from getting terrible back aches as you spend time in the kitchen.  Fit your counters according to your height so you can work comfortably as you kneed, mix, cut and fluff all of those wonderful baked goods.

Consider mixed countertops

Different countertop services give bakers different functionality when it comes to baking.  Get the usual favorite countertop like marble, granite or stainless steel for the biggest part of your kitchen so you can keep your kitchen clean and tidy easily but set aside a certain area for a wood counter so you can use that surface for other baking tasks like cookie cutting.

Choose double ovens

Double ovens are amazing if you are constantly baking a lot of baked yummies like cookies, cupcakes, biscuits and more.  Double ovens take much more and can get your baked goods finished a lot quicker.

Include a tech area in the kitchen

Add a bit of technology to your kitchen.  Reserve one corner for a TV, tab or phone so you can easily look up new recipes, follow your favorite cooking channel as you bake or simply enjoy your favorite soaps while you work.


Install as many organization hacks as you possibly can in the kitchen.  It is a terrible mess if you are constantly looking for all of your bakeware, measuring cups and scales. If everything has its place you can bake a lot more efficiently.

With these tips, you should be able to create a wonderful, economic and very functional kitchen that will make it a lot easier for you to bake your heart out on a regular basis