You don’t need to be afraid to have your home’s foundation repaired. However, you need to be informed. There are things you might have to remodel after a foundation repair has been completed. Therefore, if you think you will be needing a foundation repair, you will best be served by waiting until that has been completed prior to beginning your remodeling endeavors.

Choosing who to do the repairs will be a big deal. We suggest you talk to Structured Foundation Repairs Houston. They can help you with concrete slabs, pier, and beam foundation repairs. They also offer drainage solutions and utilize certified professional engineers. You can trust them to do the right thing for you and your home. And, they will even offer you a lifetime transferable warranty in case you choose to sell your home after you have the foundation repaired. You can’t go wrong with that. When the work’s done, it will be time to move on to the other repairs.

Things You Might Have to Remodel After a Foundation Repair

Foundational Repairs Lead to Other Remodeling Needs

Surely you understand that lifting your home up to rectify a sinking foundation will cause some additional concerns within the home. You should be prepared to handle the fact that foundational repairs lead to other remodeling needs. Therefore, we would like to help you plan for the additional things you will have to do for your home once you have fixed the issues with the foundation. Here are some things to get ready for:

  • Gardens- Most people are prepared to redo their gardens after they have the foundation repaired. This is mostly because too many of us plant our gardens too close to the foundations in the first place. Just be sure that whoever does your foundation repair provides the backfill to fix the holes they create.
  • Plumbing Pipes– You have vented plumbing pipes that come up through your roof. When the foundation is lifted, sometimes the pipe’s flashing doesn’t move with the pipe itself. That means that rain water will be able to enter it and that’s not a good thing. Learn more about this do it yourself option.
  • Cracks- The movement of the foundation will cause cracks in the walls and floors. This is because the home has settled into one position and then been shifted into another. That will require plastering and texturing. If you have tile back splashes, or tiled walls, this could be a significant problem that requires a lot of replacing or complete remodeling. Read this.
  • Tile Floor- We mentioned that the floor could crack. But, if you also have tile on the floor, you might find that it gets pushed up and out of place. Or, that it disconnects from the underlayment and cracks too. Be prepared to redo your floors after you get your foundation repaired.
  • Attic Framing– The problem with the foundation has been pulling or pushing on that frame for quite a while. So, the repair of that problematic foundation can cause some dramatic changes in the framing. Braces sometimes get bowed and must be replaced. Wood might be weakened or shifted in the attic and could cause roof damage.

We are not trying to scare you away from getting your foundation repaired. After all, without a trustworthy foundation you can’t feel safe in your home. However, it is always best to be fully informed in situations like these. If you need additional information, please click here.