More and more people are starting to create their own custom home gyms because they love the flexibility of being able to use the gym at convenient times, home gyms are much more affordable and you can work out as wild as you want without looking silly in front of anyone.  Most people will refrain from starting their home gym because they simply don’t know how to work out from home.  Working out the right way requires much more than just starting. You need the right breathing techniques and you need to know exactly how to place your body for each workout or you might end up hurting yourself.  A great way to kick start your home gym sessions is with the Body Beast workout program.

What exactly is the Body Beast Program?

The body beast workout at Fitness Rocks is a home workout program was developed by personal trainer, Sagi Kalev.  The Body Beast program consist of a series of top notch instructional DVD’s and a meal planner that will ensure you get the best muscle growth possible without increasing your body fat.  The instructions are simple and will guide you to the correct posture and techniques for each workout.  You can do these workouts from the comfort of your home and pace yourself so you can improve your fitness and lose weight according to your own capabilities.

The Best Workout Program for Your Home Gym

Why you should rather try the body beast program

If this is your first time working out, or the first time in a long while then you will need a fresh update and good guidance.  Sagi Kalev’s program teaches you the correct posture and the right way to do each of his workouts.  The workout is created in blocks that guide you from startup workout programs to a maximum program that you can continue following as long as you like.  Sagi Kalev also includes a meal planner to help guide you on your journey to weight loss.  The meal planner works perfectly with the workout program and is specially formulated to give you the best possible result in as little as three months.

How to create the perfect home workout area

It can be tough to work out in the living room when the coffee table and couches are in the way.  You should get a small TV for your garage or spare room and create a small dedicated are that is always ready for your workouts.  Your dedicated area will need basic equipment such as;

  • Weights for increased muscle build
  • Workout carpet or mat for extra padding
  • TV & DVD player to view the workout program
  • A mirror so you can see if you have the correct posture

You can also add permanent workout gear for a bit of flexibility in your workout area.  The top workout gear that you can add to a home gym is;

  • Treadmill
  • Workout bike
  • Weight bench
  • Skipping rope
  • Kickboxing bag and gear

Your home gym does not have to be large to be effective.  With the Body Beast Program you can enjoy ultimate health in a small room with the least of workout gear.

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