There are few things as annoying as holding on to a busy telephone line or getting no answer when you are trying to find out about some services.  Despite all efforts, all businesses have those extra busy days when it is simply impossible to provide excellent and hands on attention to all their customers. It is important to have a good backup plan in place for these rush-hours so you don’t end up offending your customers or lose valuable business deals.  Some of the best ways to communicate with your clients while you are out of the office or dealing with an unforeseen situation is to get voice over audio files in place.

The Best Ways to Inform Your Customers When You Are Not Available

Voicemail messages

A voicemail message is a great way to detain your customers while your hands are tied.  It is important to get a professional voice expert to record your telephone voice messages because low quality audio files are terribly unprofessional and an unsure or unconfident voice will make your business seem amateurish.  The best way to get a good voicemail message is to get a professional voice over expert to do the recording for you.  These experts can read the lines that you supply them with and they can also add sound effects and music to help calm your clients while they are on hold.  Voicemail messages are also terrific for guiding clients to the right area so you will save a lot of time and avoid multiple client transfers.

Audio files for websites

A lot of companies are so incredibly busy, they find it hard to dispatch a technician to explain products, services and processes to clients.  A great way to create hands off instructions is to create audio files on your website.  The audio files can promote your business, explain certain procedures or inform clients of added services.  Audio files can save your company a lot of incoming calls because if your clients can enjoy an in detail audio file to explain your services to them, they will much rather visit your site than hold onto an expensive telephone line.  The voice over experts has the right techniques and equipment to make the recordings crystal clear and to add additional sounds to make the recordings come to life.

Animated videos

One of the best ways to explain products and services is by creating an animated video.  These videos can inform your clients of the benefits of products, their functionality and how to use them.  Animated videos are fantastic for providing your clients with detailed explanations when you are not available to do the explaining yourself.  The best part about the animated videos is the fact that you can choose the voice you like the most by scanning through the database of expert voice over experts who can create the sounds for your animated videos.  You can get a perfectly husky male voice to entertain your online clients or invest in a gracious woman’s voice so your clients will feel more comfortable with your business.

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