There are many things that people should consider when buying or renting homes. They could include proximity to the workplace or schools, proximity to social amenities, and some would just like a place away from all the noise and pollution of the cities. Exercise is a very important part of our lives and when getting a new house, one should consider where they can exercise. Parks are an important thing since they usually offer plenty of space. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the reasons why parks are important.

Storm Water Collection

The fact that the parks have very little paving makes them the perfect place to harness water in an inexpensive way. This means that there is reduced water run-off, while there is increased air quality due to the vegetation.

Reduction of the Urban Heat Island Effect

Urban heat island effect is something that is brought about when flat, dark surfaces are in plenty, like we see in our cities. In these areas, we will find them warmer than other areas since there is the creation of smog. Trees and plants reduce this effect, one of the reasons that parks are very effective. When tree branches hang over sidewalks during the summer they reduce the temperatures.

Centre of Community

Parks are spaces where people that live in the same neighborhoods can meet and interact, giving them a sense of community. Recreational activities can be done there. This also brings down the crime rates, keeping people, and especially the youth, out of the streets, and away from crime.

Clean Air

Trees and other plants remove many pollutants from the air, bringing down the chances of getting diseases like certain cancers. The mortality rates also go down since there is reduced pollution.

Mental Health Boost

Mental well-being is maintained since people take part in recreational activities and interact with other people. There’s also the fact that nature improves the mental well-being of people.

A Place for Physical Activity

Lack of physical activities can lead to many problems like obesity. Parks provide the space to exercise through things like walking and jogging, and especially in this world where many people live sedentary lives.

Reasons Why Parks Are Important

Reasons Why Parks Are Important

How to Hold Phone While Running for Absolute Convenience and Safety

One of the activities that people can do in the parks is running and chances are that they will want to do it without having to leave their phones at home. There are many things that they might want to use their phones for such as:

  • Listening to music or podcasts,
  • using fitness tracking apps,
  • taking pictures,
  • making call,
  • or emergencies.

That brings us to the question, what is the best phone holder for running? There are lots of phone gear and apparel that can get the work done depending on how the users want to use them. Below are some of the best ways of carrying phones when running:

  • Armband
  • Running Short with Phone Pockets
  • Running Belt
  • Hydration Belt
  • Hydration Backpack

People should avoid carrying their phones in the following places:

  • In their hands
  • Inside their bras
  • Inside their shoes or under shoelaces
  • Inside their socks, especially near the Calf within the Compression Socks


Moving to a place that has a park nearby has many advantages as you can see above. They can exercise there and when they are carrying along their phones, they can carry them in some of the ways that we have mentioned above.