Do you love basketball? Then you will absolutely adore spending time in a home basketball court.  And no, you don’t have to be a millionaire or a pro player to get your own basketball court.  Plenty of families have their very own basketball courts in the back yard.  It is a superb addition to your home and it is much safer than adding a swimming pool.  You can use your home basketball court for daily fitness, to stay at your best when it comes to shooting hoops and to have heaps of fun with friends.  A home basketball court is also superb for creating enthusiasm in children regarding sports and activity.  There is after all no better way to inspire an active lifestyle in children than being an active parent.

Must Haves for A Custom Home Basketball Court

What you need for your home basketball court

Now you probably wonder what essentials you will need for a court?  Well keep reading because the upcoming list contains everything you need for a home court. 

Flooring – The first thing you will need is somewhere to play.  You can do this yourself by laying a concrete floor in the back yard. A lot of home basketball courts look absolutely fantastic when they are painted bright and bold colors and these courts are extremely resilient to all weather conditions. 

Basketball hoop – A good quality hoop is definitely worth the extra investment.  Try to get a good hoop and set it up permanently so you can play any time you like. 

Basketball shoes – One of the most important pieces of gear is your shoes.  It is incredibly important to invest in good quality basketball shoes even if you are playing at home.  The wrong shoes can be quite devastating when you are left with injured and blistered feet and the right shoe can improve your game so you can outshine all your competitors.  Click here to get a glimpse of the best basketball shoes currently on the market. 

Basketball outfit – Of course you need a basketball outfit.  A lot of home players love to enjoy their game in a set of comfortable clothing and that is perfectly fine but if you really want to up your game then basketball sports clothing is a must.  These jerseys and shorts are breathable, light and don’t restrict your movements in any way so you can move around easier. 

Basketball ball – A good quality outdoor basketball ball is also a must although it is better to keep your ball inside the house when it is not in play so it won’t get sun damage.

Water bottles – Just because you are home doesn’t mean you don’t need any gear at all.  A water bottle close by your court is the minimum requirement. 

Towel – Keep a towel close by so you can refresh whenever you take a short break from the game.

Timer – If you love quick phased games then a timer might be handy to monitor your game or to remind you when it is time to take a break.