There are countless reasons for which most folks find summer the best time of the year. While some flock to the beaches and parks with our BBQ grills, drinks, and umbrellas, others like to chill out with their mates and prefer activities in the comfort of their home.

Don’t you think that if only you could minus the sweat and stuffiness from the summer equation you probably wouldn’t mind if it were summer all the time? That’s right! Here are some of the top trending methods to cool down your surroundings and wipe out your summer despair:

Latest Cooling Solutions for Your Home This Summer

Latest Cooling Solutions for Your Home This Summer

Elastomeric Roof Coating:

Applying roof coatings is a classic technique for lowering the temperature of your room. Latest products reflect up to ninety percent of the sun’s heat and also protects your ceiling from moisture. The coating practically becomes forms the top layer of your roof as it forms an insulated blanket of protection. Moreover, it is effective for sealing cracks and can endure heavy downpours.

Night Breeze:

This is the latest innovation in ventilation technology which enhances the quality of air in your home and is efficient in energy consumption. Unlike typical cooling/heating units which require large amounts of electricity, the Night Breeze system is based on the same principle as that of a car radiator. It involves circulating water inside a coil and a blower that generates air which is circulated throughout the house and maintains the room temperature according to your desire. The system is noise-free and most of the times you may not even notice that it is running.

The Night Breeze technology eliminates the need for conventional air conditioning units or gas furnace heaters as it is practically a combination of both in the most energy efficient manner.

Thermal Energy Storage:

This is another eco-friendly technology which is both smart and cost-effective. This technology integrates with your conventional air-conditioning unit installed at home. During the night, this unique system stores energy in ice by freezing water. At night time, the system automatically switches off the compressor units of your air conditioner and utilizes the frozen ice to cool the air coming from the same air conditioner.

The latest thermal energy storage units include a smart remote monitoring system which allows the user to monitor various performance indicators.

Split and Multi-Split Air Conditioning Systems:

A wide range of split air conditioning systems is available in the market. However, despite the various innovations introduced in this category of cooling systems in recent past, users are still found to be complaining about the typical problems in split air conditioners, such as forming of ice inside the air conditioner. If you are already a user of split air conditioning but constantly facing air conditioner problems, such as freezing up of the air conditioner.

The most common reasons for freezing up of split air conditioners are:

1) Low refrigerant levels;

2) Inadequate air circulation;

3) Faulty evaporator coils;

4) Mechanical defects.

The above website is an excellent guide on how to identify the likely cause of freezing in your air conditioner and the best practices to rectify these issues.

It is pertinent to mention that although excessive use of air conditioning during summers is likely to cause some glitches in your air conditioning unit. Nevertheless, timely maintenance can save you a lot of time and cost of replacing the entire unit. The cost of getting an air conditioner services is peanuts compared to the cost of a new unit.