Sharing your home with a pet can keep you happy and healthy. Nonetheless, the same pet can make your house a mess that can have a reverse effect on your wellbeing. You cannot just ask your pet to stay in one place and not do anything. He becomes your family member, and you should treat him the same way. The mess can be a problem when it is left unattended. You can keep your home feeling fresh by just taking care of a few things.

Here is a list of tips that will keep your home super clean with your furry family member:

Keeping Your House Super Clean With Pets

Keeping Your House Super Clean With Pets

Keep your pet clean:

Setting up a grooming routine is the very first thing you need to do. The dog would play outdoor, go on the walk with you, or have a weekend on the beach with you. He would be carrying mud on his feet when you are back home. The dirt will not lie around the house if it is removed through grooming. Keep your pet clean. Bath them on a regular basis, restrict the dog to a particular area of he is damp, and trim and re-shed often.

Use a quality vacuum cleaner:

An appropriate vacuum cleaner would help you pick up pesky hair and remove the odor. You will need a heavy-duty equipment that pulls out the hair and cleans the furniture as well. Not only clean the carpet and furniture regularly but also the filters of the vacuum cleaner.

Set up a cleaning station:

Your laundry room can be a great option for setting up a cleaning station. This station should include dog towels and wipes, a couple of treats, heavy-duty doormat, and a water spray bottle for dirty paws.

Get a sensible pet bed:

Do not be fooled with extra decent pet bed with fur lining. They look attractive, but they will be terrible when it comes to cleaning. Pick one that can be cleaned easily.

Air your house:

Pet smells can rest in the house. Keep the windows open to let the fresh air come in. Do it for a few minutes when it is cold but do not let the odor persist.

Clean and maintain the litterbox:

The proper litter box use and its maintenance are one of the essential things you should pay attention to. You will never want your house smell horribly. It can become unbearable if you have a cat. The smell of cat’s urine and feces can make your house a place where nobody wants to live. Kittens look for clean and comfy places where they can satisfy their bathroom needs. That could be your carpet or laundry basket.

You are likely to suffer from Toxoplasmosis, the disease you can have through contact with cat’s feces. You can stay away from all these problems through proper maintenance of litter box. Get one litter box per cat and follow all necessary litterbox maintenance and cleaning tips. Litterboxes are available in various types. However, the automated self-cleaning litter boxes are on the top of the popularity list. You will still have to clean this box on a regular basis.

Then there are covered litter boxes which provide a safe and private environment to cats the cover keeps the odor. One drawback of this litterbox is that cat’s sense of smell is really strong, and they might not like it even when you feel like having no need of cleaning the box. For that, you can try uncovered litter box. That can work great if kept properly.