When it comes to having work done on your house, the last thing you want to happen is to have your dog to throw a spanner in the works. This can mean them causing a mess through feeding time, where they cause irreparable damage to fixtures and fittings, such as the carpets and walls. If they are not fed sufficiently, the may also start to cause damage to newer areas of the house, as they may be unfamiliar with the new features that have been added to the house. This is why you should take advantage of special pet bowls feeders and waterers.

The key is to keep your dogs satisfied at meal time to ensure that they do not cause any of these problems. There are many factors that dog owners don’t even consider when it comes to feeding their dogs, which can cause problems for both the dog and you home. Here is some advice on how you should treat your dogs during feed time so as to cause minimal damage to your house.

Keep your house looking well by keeping your dog’s feeding in line

How often should you be feeding your adult dog?

When it comes to feeding an adult dog, there should be two main meals per day. This could be one large meal and one small meal, or two medium sized meals. It all depends on the dog itself, as depending on its activity levels and digestive ability; certain types of meals will suit them better. Some dogs can be very fussy eaters and will need to be fed two normal sized meals per day. Dogs that are hard to keep full are better suited to having one large meal per day, with another smaller meal.

Do you just feed your dog dry food?

If the main food source for your dog is dry food, you need to ensure that you have plenty of water ready for them, or else it will cause problems in your home. Just like humans, the more of dry food that a dog consumes, the more water it will need. As an animal, dogs biologically are used to having prey that is always of the same consistency and quality, so having one type of food source is not a bad thing, once it is of a high quality. Whenever you change the food sources that you are giving the dog, it will cause strain on their digestive system, so any changes should be made slowly and carefully.

Should you disturb your dog when it is eating?

There is no doubt about it, you should be able to remove something that your dog values greatly without pulling up any form of opposition. You can practice this by using a chew toy or bone before you try it when they are eating. You should never settle for your dog snapping out at you or trying to even bite you. This is a good way to train your dog in case it comes across a dangerous situation. For example, if they start eating something dangerous or poisonous on a building site, you should be able to instantly take it away from them to stop them from eating it.

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