Your very own custom home gym is fantastic because you and your family can save a lot of money on gym and traveling fees and stay in shape by working out at times convenient to you.  More and more home owners are transforming their lifestyles by investing in their own custom home gyms.  Creating your own home gym is great fun because you can choose the workout gear that appeals to you the most and you can decorate your gym the way you like.  You can also play the music you like the most while you work out and there is no one who can see you or your family sweat it out with red puffy faces.  The only downside of your own gym is finding enough space for all the fantastic gym gear that you want.  Loop bands are fantastic for home gyms because they take up no space in your gym area at all.

Improve Your Home Gym Functionality with Loop Bands

What are loop bands?

They are becoming more and more popular amongst fitness junkies because they are incredibly easy to use and they are affordable.  You can use these stretchy latex bands to do numerous different workouts or combine the bands with other workouts for faster results. The loop bands come in sets of five that vary in weight.  The lighter bands are for upper body workouts and the heavier bands are for lower body workouts. You can buy the loop bands at

Toughen up all workouts

The great part about these resistance bands is that you can toughen up all of your workouts and get the most out of your gym sessions.  The loop bands can, for example, add extra stretch to your Yoga sessions or toughen your kicks when you enjoy Tae-Bo.

Add a greater variety of workouts to your small gym

With the loop bands you can provide your family with greater variety because they can do so much more when you also include some loop bands.  You don’t just have to run or cycle with the gym gear you have.  You can also use the loop bands for a full upper body workout or a full lower body workout and you don’t even need weights to do these workouts since the weight of the bands replace the need for weights.

Therapy sessions is also an option

Your home gym can also be used for therapy to help you recover after an accident or surgeries because the bands can be used to stretch out injure muscles so they can re-develop and so you can have full function of your entire body again in less time.

You don’t need that much space for the bands

You can store your loop bands on a simple hook in your gym and you can do a complete body workout in yoga mat sized space because the loop bands are so versatile and useful.

Loop bands are the perfect addition to your custom home gym and an absolute must for anyone who wants improve the functionality and variety workouts of small home gyms.

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