So you love politics?  Well, your obsession isn’t nearly as unusual as you might think.  There are plenty of men and women that are extremely passionate about their country and about politics but can you go as far as to create a political themed home office?  Of course you can! If people can become obsessed with movie themes like Star Wars and decorate their homes accordingly then you can bet a political themed office won’t be strange at all.  In fact, with this type of office theme you are bound to be much more productive since your work environment will inspire you to be much more serious, goal oriented and passionate.

Ideas for the Perfect Political Themed Home Office

Good political news feeds to read while you decorate

While you are looking for the latest political trends to add to your home office you can check out the latest news on Mark Dubowitz.  Dubowitz has been on the news a lot lately since his negotiations with Iran and other countries is helping to keep the peace between neighboring countries and especially with Iran and their nuclear threats.  Dubowitz often isn’t the most appreciative figure in parliament since his opinion and advice often goes against the choices of the president of the United States, which takes a lot of guts to say the least.

Ideas for a political themed office

Now that you have your latest update on political news it is time to get to work on your political theme for your home office.  Here’s how to create the perfect office space with a political vibe; 

Paint it blue – Color has significant meaning in politics.  Blue is one of the colors that are mostly seen in politics.  A candidate president will mostly try to wear a light blue shirt because the color represents peace and hope and is also the perfect color for your home office. 

Add a touch of red – Blue and red is mostly used in politics.  You can add a little bit of red to your office by getting red cushions, curtains or by hanging red artworks. 

Add some flags – There is nothing that says politics more than a giant patriotic flag against the wall.  If a large flag against the wall isn’t your idea of wall décor then you can always go for a smaller flag desk prop. 

Get a large desk – A large desk is great to work on and there is nothing that says “hard worker” better than a big dark wood and polished desk. 

Black leather office chair – A black leather office chair will give the impression that you mean business. 

Frame famous quotes – Framing famous quotes by some historical presidents can be a great way to motivate yourself and can be fantastic décor for your home office. 

Wall mount a world map – Mount a large wall map on a crock sheet.  World maps are great for learning and it is great fun to pin your future goals or holiday adventures onto the map.