Waste in the home is very critical as they lead to pollution. It is important that every home employs a proper waste management program as every home produces wastes. As long as we consume, we will always produce wastes.  Lack of proper waste management in the home is a health hazard not only to humans but animals as well in the home and that is why we have to manage wastes the home.  Not only does waste become an eyesore but may lead to health problems which may lead to even higher costs than managing the waste. To manage wastes better in the home, it is important to know the classifications of wastes. Wastes in the home can mainly be categorized into organic and inorganic wastes.

How to Manage Wastes in Your Home

Organic wastes are wastes that are biodegradable and thus if they are disposed they do not have a harmful effect on the environment since they can easily decompose. They may include food matter, paper, and wood among others.

Inorganic wastes on the other hand are wastes that are non-biodegradable and thus may pose to be harmful to the environment. They may include plastics, polythene and metals among many others.

Even though producing waste is unavoidable, there is a way in which waste production can be reduced. This can be having good habits and employing eco-friendly policies such as the through the policy of reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Reduce: This is through reducing the consumption of things that can be avoided. It may be through reducing the consumption of non-biodegradable substances in the home.  Examples of reducing waste is using friendly packaging for goods such as biodegradable packaging as opposed to non-biodegradable packaging that is harmful to the environment. Buying items in bulk reduces the amount of wastes produced. Buying something that can serve several purposes at the same time as opposed to items that serve only one purpose is a great way of reducing waste.

Reuse: Buying something that can serve several purposes at the same time is better than buying something that only serves one purpose. If we have something that can be used in many other ways but we don’t feel like doing that, we can donate it to charity to reduce wastage. Food wastes that can be reused should be reduced to reduce wastage in the home. Many places have centers where we can dispose things we no longer use such as electronics.  For old clothes and containers that can be used in other ways they should be re-used. There are other items that can be substituted to reduce wastage such as cloth napkins instead of paper napkins, rechargeable batteries instead of non-rechargeable batteries. In re-using things in the home, creativity is an important factor.

Recycle: There are many wastes that are produced in the home but can be recycled. In this case they should be recycled especially for the case of non-biodegradable items. Most non-biodegradable items are harmful to the environment but can be recycled. They include glass and plastics. Some organic waste can however be recycled at home such as food waste. In most cases if you are dealing with a skip bin hire company, they are the ones that will take care of the recycling part.

Skip Bin Hire companies

Since waste management is cumbersome for some people and is time intensive and many people may not have the time, there are companies that deal with waste management. There are some households that would prefer to deal with organic waste especially in the countryside areas and there are those that prefer to just leave everything at the hands of the skip bin hire companies. Regardless of the case, you will always get a company that will best suit your needs. For those in Perth, West Bin Skip bin hire will comfortable takes care of your waste with no worries.  Regardless of the amount of waste you have and regardless of your exact location in Perth, they will get to your location and give you the convenience that you need in taking care of our waste. Some of the services that should be offered by a waste management company and is offered by the West Bin include:

Waste Management

The main reason we go for skip bin hire companies is waste management. One should get a company that can properly manage waste. There are some companies that prefer to give you different kinds of bins so that you can sort the waste on your own and there are companies that will do the sorting on their own. Regardless of the case, waste management should be the biggest priority of the company.  At West Bin, waste management is their biggest priority and they do this by having an extensive range of services for customer satisfaction. They make the extra step of having a wide range of bins that are of different sizes to give you a wide variety of choice to meet your requirements.


Not every company is into recycling, there are companies that will take your waste but recycling is not part of their priority. While recycling is not a must in waste management, it is an important aspect to reduce on pollution. Because even though the waste management will take your waste, they will take the waste somewhere and f the waste is not recycled it may prove to be hazardous to the environment. In this case even if you are not personally into recycling, you should get a company that does and that is why you should consider west Bin. Recycling is part of their policy and with them you are sure that the waste taken from home will not cause pollution somewhere else.

Waste transfer station

As much as there are companies that do not have a waste transfer station, having one provides much more convenience. With a waste transfer station, sorting waste is way easier. West Bin has a council approved waste transfer station where different wastes are sorted categorically.

Wide range of bin sizes

A waste management should bear in mind that different customers require different bin sizes since different households produce different amount of wastes. It is due to this reason that West bin produces a wide range of bin sizes to make sure that every customer can get what they need.

Factors to consider in hiring a skip Bin

Even though there are many companies that do skip bin hire and they all do relatively the same function, they all operate in different ways and thus there are factors that one has to consider to make sure they get a company that best suit their needs. Some of the major factors to consider in hiring a skip bin include:


Convenience is the main reason we look for skip bin hire companies and thus whatever company we engage with should offer us the convenience we need. A company that offers convenience should have the right equipment, a wide range of skip bins and should offer a wide range of services. Picking and delivery is part of the role and this should be done promptly for convenience of the customers. The track of the company should access your skip regardless of your location. Different customers have different definitions of convenience and thus a client should go for a company that offers them the convenience they need. There should be no excuse for unattended skip and the company should be easily accessible in cases of emergency.

Eco Friendliness

The main reason we all go for skip hire services is because we love our environment and thus want to conserve it. We all want our homes to have a safe and clean environment free from pollution. Due to the fact that different companies have different environmental policies, one should look into the environmental policy of a company to determine how ecofriendly a company is. It is the same way some companies are into recycling and some are not. Most companies will inform you what they normally do with their waste and this can be used as a judgment on whether to deal with the company or not. By going through the company’s rules, regulations and policies one can be sure they are dealing with an environmentally friendly company.

Value for money

Just like in other many sectors, there are instances that you can get more value for money than others. Different companies have different packages and thus one should choose a company and a package that offers more value for money.


Unlike in the old days where everyone had to take care of their waste in their own way, nowadays this is way simpler.  Therefore regardless of your schedule and lifestyle, waste management can be done in the most convenient manner. You can put your worries at Bay if you live in Perth as West bin has you covered. With the knowledge of the factors you should consider and the many options you have, your home should be free from waste and pollution.