If you are a DIY lover and like to do your own home improvement, then you know how important power tools are! When one thinks of power tools, the first thing that pops into mind is chainsaws. However, you must be careful when choosing such a powerful tool. One small slip and a major disaster may occur, therefore we have put together some pointers to help you chose the best chainsaw in the market.

How to find the best chainsaw for your next home improvement DIY

Why go for an electric chainsaw?

Most people will walk into a tool store and pick up a gas powered chainsaw without giving it a second thought. However, they fail to realize that not only are they medieval but also extremely inconvenient to use compared to electric ones. Moreover, electric chainsaws have several cutting edge safety features that gas powered ones simply cannot compete with.

How to find the best electric chainsaw?

There are currently lots of electric chainsaws on the market. However, not all of them are good. In order to find the best electric chainsaw quality, you need to pay attention to details.

Performance: There is no difference between getting a chainsaw and a manual saw if it takes you all day to saw through a piece of flimsy wooden plank. So you should always check its cutting speed. This is the main indicator of how good a chainsaw will perform! Whether it is electric or gas, a chainsaw must cut fast; otherwise why bother? So how can you measure cutting speed in a standardized way so you can compare with all models? Typically it is measured using a 10 inch beam made of oak. The time it takes to saw through that piece will determine how fast it is. If you are going for an electric one, it is best to also check the ampere.  That will be important for you to figure out which power outlet to use.

Convenience:  When you first get a power tool, always try to get a feel for it. Does it feel comfortable in your hand? Are you getting a good grip? There is no point in getting a fast saw if you can’t even handle it. Sometimes the really powerful ones vibrate a lot and make it harder for you to grip them properly. Other conveniences include having an easy method of cleaning and refilling lubricating oil.

Safety:  Some of the best quality chainsaw come with additional safety features so that even an elderly person can use them. For instance, there is an anti-vibration system that increases comfort by reducing fatigue. This means you can work for longer without putting significant stress on your arms.

Cost: It is also important not to splurge on your power tool. Especially when it doesn’t bring any special benefits. If you are going to spend money, make sure it meets all the above mentioned criteria and others if you have any more. So take your time and choose wisely! Good luck!

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