Keeping a toolbox handy can be very convenient. Owning a well-equipped toolbox to complete your daily chores or different tasks around the house can make things easy for you. Of course, you are not a professional, so you don’t have to stack all different kinds of tools that will not only be a waste of money but also a waste of time and space.

How to Create A Useful Toolbox for Home Chores

How to Create A Useful Toolbox for Home Chores

The trick is to buy basic tools and mix and match them with every chore. If you need some for a specific project you can buy them at that time or rent them but usually, all the basic tools work just fine. Some of the basic tools that you should include in your toolbox are:


You need a screwdriver in your life for every small task, from dismantling a small toy to making a DIY project, the very first thing you need is a screwdriver. You can buy an individual screwdriver but since there is no limit to the sizes of screws, it is better you go for a screwdriver kit. Make sure you buy flat headed ones as they work with all kinds of screws. There are various kinds of screwdriver sets like magnetic screwdrivers, automatic screwdrivers, et cetera.


You cannot consider your toolbox complete without a hammer. It helps you in almost all your chores from removing nails to putting them in something. A hammer is a must for your toolbox.


Yes, this does not make much sense, but a multi-tool can help you in many different tasks. You can take it along on a trip or use it at home as it has all the necessary tools. Rather than looking for each item individually, you can buy a multi-tool for your toolbox. You can find multiple multi-tool options in the market. All have different features and functions. After research, you can find the one that is most feasible for you.

The Leatherman wingman review shows that this multi-tool is ideal for your everyday chores and traveling. It is not only extremely functional but also comes at a reasonable price. It has 14 basic tools and comes with a safety locking system so if your kids get their hand on it, they do not end up getting hurt.

The multi-tool can be efficiently operated with one hand which makes it convenient to use. It is made of 100 percent stainless steel that is durable and rustproof. Therefore, you can take it camping, hiking, fishing, rowing or anywhere you want.

The best part about his multi-tool is that it has a special safety feature that keeps the knife blade in place so that you can cut things without getting injured. Another worth mentioning feature of this product is that it comprises of three different kinds of a screwdriver, this trait makes it ideal for your home toolbox.

Measuring tape:

You need a measuring tape for all your DIY projects at home. It is better to measure twice rather than cutting wrong and wasting material. You can find multiple measuring tapes in the market, from simple measuring tapes to automatically retracting tapes. They also come in different colors and sizes.


With flashlights on our phones nowadays we tend to ignore this aspect of a toolbox. Keeping a flashlight is imperative. It comes in handy in an emergency situation where your phones and other means of light don’t work. You can get a latest LED torch or an old-fashioned bulb flashlight.


Pliers are very useful in cutting and bending wires. Most DIY projects require the use of pliers. You can get different sized, adjustable, and lockable pliers that are safe to use.