Every home will go through a bit of construction work from time to time.  Remodeling your home is important because your home will stay ahead of new trends and your home will get a newer and fresher look every time you add a room or transform a kitchen.  But construction work and remodeling can leave a terrible mess.  No matter how tightly you cover up your furniture or rooms, dust and dirt will always find a way into rooms and can make a terrible mess of your carpets.

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Why clean carpets are important

Carpets are lovely because they are so warm and snug during winter and you can enjoy more play time on your carpets since they are a lot softer.  They are great for providing cushioning for small children and they look fantastic.  But carpets are often the dirtiest items in a home simply because they are so hard to clean.  If you are busy with major construction work in your home, they are the first things to get messy and all that dust, dirt and grime will settle deep inside the carpet fibers and the dust can easily cause allergies or asthma.  Insects like bed bugs also love to hide inside carpets which are terrible for your family’s health.

Get a good quality vacuum cleaner

A good vacuum cleaner is a must for any home with carpet.  But the good news is that you don’t need the biggest, most expensive vacuum for your home.  A smaller model can prove to clean much more successfully because they are easier to get around in your home and you are much more willing to use your smaller vacuum cleaner than an overly large bulky system.  On this site; http://www.theflooringlady.com/rainbow_vacuum/ you can have a look at the Rainbow Vacuum cleaner which is one of the best small vacuums for your home.

Get the right vacuum cleaner accessories

You can clean your carpets much better by adding the right accessories to your cleaner.  A floor brush will help you sweep up pet hair.  Upholstery tools are great for also cleaning your lounge sets and a confined space cleaner will allow you to clean your carpets in those hard to reach areas where most of the dust and grime will settle.

Follow up with a carpet cleaner

If you have a regular vacuum then a carpet cleaner is a must because that is the only way to flush out stubborn dirt from your carpets.  The rainbow vacuum however has a water reservoir that enables you to deep wash your carpets as you vacuum your floor.  Just remember to use only the best carpet shampoo so you don’t end up clogging your vacuum cleaner and so your carpets will look brighter and refreshed.

Add some fragrance

You can even add some fragranced to the water reservoir chamber of the rainbow vacuum cleaners.  You can add essential oils like lavender or citrus scents to make your home feel calmer or to give your home a refreshed and just cleaned smell.

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