Elliptical trainers are one of the favorite exercise machines that have been widely used by many. This is due to the fact they give optimum results but are at the same time efficient, low impact and fun. That explains that you will not miss this machine in most gyms. Due to its effectiveness and popularity, they have a wide market adoption hence there are many machines in the market. That is why you need to know what to look out for in order to get the best elliptical trainer. Some of the factors to consider include:

How to Choose An Elliptical Trainer

How to Choose An Elliptical Trainer

Flyheel weight

The fly heel weight has an influence on the quality, comfort and the fluidity of pedaling. If the flywheel is too light, it will be uncomfortable and cause you unpleasant pedaling. Light is considered a weight of up to 10kg. The weight has an influence on the resistance of the elliptical wheel when it comes to change of speed or acceleration so that you achieve your speed of choice. A high flyheel weight means that you will get more resistance when you accelerate and that means that you will have to put more effort to pedaling. With a light wheel it is much easier to achieve the desired weight. For professional use, you should look out for a flyheel weight that is more than 21 kg.

Stride length

The stride length has an influence of the pedaling comfort of the bike since it affects the amplitude movement of the legs. The stride should be of sufficient length so that the legs are not too restrained or limited. Most of the time, the length of the stride is related to the size of the elliptical machine which means that a shorter machine will have a short stride length and vice versa. For most machines, the recommended stride length is 40cm. It is important to also note that your height will influence the best elliptical trainer for you. The bigger you are the more the stride length that you will need.

Mechanical resistance

In machines you can increase or decrease its mechanical resistance. Mechanical resistance makes it possible for you to have more comfort while you follow cardio workout routines with change in resistance levels.

Watt levels

Watt is what measures the pedaling power that you are giving which is influenced by your pedaling speed and resistance. The wattage levels affect the resistance levels of the bike. Watt levels can also be used as an indication of the quality of the bike.


Currently there are more and more elliptical bikes that have a Bluetooth connection. This can give you more comfort and convenience with the trainer as you can listen to your favorite jam as you exercise.

Elliptical weight

The weight of the elliptical trainer can be used as an indicator of the stability and robustness of the bike. Trainers that are lightweight tend to be less stable and may not be suitable for quick pedaling. The more heavy a bike is the better.