Believe it or not, part of home improvement is ensuring that your home has a welcoming ambiance. You want people to enjoy their time spent with you in your home. That means being certain that the home décor you employ gives that overall feeling of warmth. And, one way to do that, is to try out some of the home décor sewing projects on our list.

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Home Decor Sewing Projects

9 Sewing Crafts to Help Decorate Your Recently Remodeled Home

Perhaps you have gone through the effort and trouble to remodel your home and now the money is caput. So, you’re struggling with coming up with ideas to make the décor just as fresh and new as the remodel jobs. Not to worry, we’ve got 9 sewing crafts to help decorate your recently remodeled home:

  1. Fabric floor mat– Look into all the scrap fabric you have. You can even use the old upholstery from the furniture you were going to set out by the road or have recovered.
  2. Reversible fabric storage bin– These are great for use in the kids’ rooms, bathroom, or even the laundry. Learn how to make these, here.
  3. Reversible table runner– If you don’t want to have multiples for every season, just make a couple table runners that you can flip over as needed.
  4. Adjustable apron– While this might not be considered décor, it can give a whimsical feel to the kitchen if you choose to hang it up there.
  5. Pillow bed- You can use regular pillows for this and then employ really fun fabrics. This will make a great place for your kids to curl up and read or even nap. Plus it will make their rooms cuter. Learn more.
  6. Vintage scarf curtains– The whimsy found in the patterns of vintage scarves will give a light air to your home. You can use them in the office or kitchen to make things more smile-inducing.
  7. Throw pillows– We would be remiss if we neglected to suggest this option to you. You can even use the pillows you already have and then cover them with new fabric in blocks or bold patterns.
  8. Reversible placemats– If you are of the age in which a table is always set, even when no one is there, then these will be right up your alley.
  9. Bed sheet curtains– In truth, it’s probably easier to make character curtains for your kids’ bedrooms by crafting them out of old bed sheets than it is to buy the premade versions. It’s pretty simple to fold over a section and sew it in a straight line. Voila, curtains!

Perhaps you had some more challenging ideas in mind. That’s fine, we have an excellent resource available for your reading pleasure. You can click this and discover more than 70 ideas for sewing crafts to be utilized in your home.