What comes to your mind when you hear the word “interior designing”? Most of you will say furniture, wallpapers, carpets, et cetera. However, there is one thing that is of utmost importance than any other material stuff: Lightning. Lighting is an essential facet of any interior space. It defines the temperature and vibe of your room. A warm shade of light (such as yellow, orange, and red) in your room gives the impression of a relatively high temperature, whereas a cool shade like white will give your room a calm appearance.

An indecent amount of lighting is a big no-no in the world of interior designing. An ideal house should be bright with proper light in its rooms. If you are trying to find ways to illuminate your home, then you have come to the right place. Following are a few ways to make your living space brighter:

Four Most Effective Ways to Make Your House Brighter

  • Let the Sunshine in:

There is no better light source than nature’s sunshine. The amount of light in your room influences your mood. There is a reason why horror movies have little lighting; the Sun never shines brightly in Evil Dead. Similarly, a dimly lit room negatively impacts your mood. Make sure that your house has at least one window in every room. For a healthy amount of sunlight, your house should be East facing. Not only you will get vitamin D this way; it will help you save electricity too.

  • LED lights:

Windows cannot always guarantee a sunny weather, especially on cloudy days. LED lights can solve this problem. LED bulbs are cost effective since they consume 90% less electricity as compared to incandescent bulbs. They provide a good amount of lighting and are durable for long-term use.

Moreover, just having overhead lights in your house is a bad idea. If your house has fewer windows and just overhead lights, then your problem can be solved easily by installing wall sconces, light fixtures, floor lamps, and table lamps in every room. LED wall sconces are the best for indoor as well as outdoor use; you can install them in your veranda too. Lamps are another good option as they are portable and add to the interior of the room. For example, a crystal floor lamp will give a sleek appearance to your room.

  • Say yes to soft colored walls:

Don’t paint your walls dark shades such as red, black, navy blue, fuschia, maroon, etc. Firstly, it hogs the space in your room and makes it look smaller than it is. Secondly, dark colored walls soak all the light and give the room a gloomy aura. Go for bright colors such as yellow, white, aqua blue, mint, pistachio. The color of your walls defines the vitality of the room.

Let’s not forget the therapeutic benefits of colors and how it affects our mood. According to color psychology, softer shades of blue are said to have stress-relieving properties, and green symbolizes nature and peace. Pastel shades of walls and furniture make the room spacious.

Light colored walls along with proper lighting will make any room vivify.

  • String lights:

String lights are a unique but an effective way to increase the illumination of your house. Plus, it gives your home a festive look. String lights are best suitable for the living room and the kid’s room, not your dining area as they might give an informal feel if you are entertaining guests.

You can be creative while putting on string lights; hang them on the walls in a swirly pattern, let them fall with the curtains, or let them dangle from the ceiling, it is all up to you. String lights are very cheap and easy to install than other light sources. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors; you can even get the LED one easily from your local store.