Dog fencing is very important and as a pet owner it is your responsibility to choose the right fencing for your dog. If you are a dog owner, you probably know that you have to be keen when buying dog products.  As much as you may want freedom for your pet, you don’t want it to be exposed to many threats such as being hit by a car, getting lost, and consuming harmful substances. That is why dogs are confined to some extend and hence you will need your dog to stay in your yard. You will also need fencing to avoid problems with your neighbors as they would not appreciate dog droppings in their yard.

There are many fencing systems that can be used, the traditional ones being putting a chain-link or a wooden fence. This may however not be a viable option if you have a big yard. Some areas also have restriction on the kinds of fences that can be used in the yards. The thing with traditional fences is that the dog may find its way out of the yard by either going under or above the fences. That is why people are opting for the underground fencing system.

Choosing Wireless Dog Fence

Underground fences are well sought after since hey create an invisible safe zone in your yard for your dog. The dog is given a containment collar that acts as a pet perimeter fence since it will restrict your dog on areas to go on your yard. Whenever the dog nears the perimeter of the fence, it gets an audible warning and if it continues to the boundary it will get a harmless electrical stimulation so that it may go back to the safe zone.

There are many benefits associated with an underground fencing system. Unlike the physical traditional fencing system, it is relatively cheaper. The installation process is also quick and easy. Good thing is that dogs learn very fast and hence with proper and consistent training the dog will quickly learn its limits and will not extend the boundaries set.

The underground fencing system can either be wireless or buried. The will also differ depending on yard size as well as additional features which may include stimulation levels and remote training abilities. Good thing with underground fencing is that it does not limit the number of dogs per area and it always comes with many extra collars.

Buried wire fencing system is one which gives you as much as customization as possible and you get to decide in what area the dog goes and in what area the wire goes. Most of the buried wire underground fence will come with 500 feet wire.

The wireless underground fence system as the name suggests is completely wireless and hidden. It will create a safe zone through a radio signal that is produced by a transmitter. As opposed to the buried system that uses wire, the wireless one used a transmitter. It has more ease in installation as compared to the buried system since there are no wires involved. It is also not permanent and can be customized anytime.