Getting the best drumsticks for your home is very important as it is what will affect the kind of sound that you will get. There are many kinds of drumsticks in the market and finding the right one will depend on many factors.

Some of the factors that you should keep in mind when choosing drumsticks include:

Choosing The Best Drum Sticks for Using at Home

Choosing The Best Drum Sticks for Using at Home

Playing style

Different people have different playing styles and to find the right drumsticks, there will either be an indication of letter or numbers. They will guide you on the application to help you make a good decision.

S- This is mainly mean for street bands such as drum corps sand marching bands.

B- The B stands for band applications and that will include brass bands and symphonic orchestras

A-They are drumsticks that are mainly meant for orchestra applications such as dance orchestras.

D- It stands for dance band

Numbers- The drumsticks will come in numbers and the number are used to indicate the circumference of the stick. Contrary to expectation, the higher the circumference number, the thinner the stick. 2B is a common size that is used for thick stick while 7A is a common size for thin stick.

Material used

As much as there are different kind of materials that would be used in making the drumsticks, most of the sticks are made of wood. Some of the common materials used include:

Hickory: It is a great shock absorber since it is dense, heavy and rigid.

Maple: It is great for use in low volume situations and can give you faster playing and lower density.

Oak: It is very dense, heavy but very durable

Synthetics: They are the only ones that can give you flexibility of usage since you can change the tips. They are also very durable. They will give you extra rebound when you are using them.

Tip of the drumstick

Drumsticks normally have different tips and they all have different effects.

Round tips are great for cymbals since they help you achieve a focused sound. They will give you a very crisp sound if you are into detail of the sound.

Barrel tips are normally used for diffusing the tone of the drum since the contact area is broader. They are punchy and loud.

Pointed or triangular tips are used for creating a medium tone that is focused.

Olive shaped or tear drop shaped tips will give you a variety of sounds depending on how you hold and use them.

Nylon tips are great for those who are looking for a distinct unique sound.

There have been many arguments on which are better tips between nylon and wood. It all depends on the desired sound effect that you are looking for. Nylon tips are better in a way since they give a brighter sound, are indestructible and are more long lasting. Wooden tips on the other hand give a full and warm sound that is different from the nylon tips.