Basketball lovers would like to have a basketball court in their backyard. Are you ready to put on your best basketball shoes and perform those marvelous plays? It may be a good time to get started on the ‘home court advantage. If you have the room, here are some simple guidelines to help you build your own basketball court in your house.

Building a Home Basketball Court

You will need:

  • Shovel and a way to compress your soil
  • Concrete or contact details of a cement company
  • Measuring tape
  • 4 stakes
  • Twine
  • Tile Surfacing Kit, Court Stencil Kit or Tape and Spray Paint
  • Basketball pole hoops (1 for a half court, 2 for a whole court)

Choose the Size You Can Build

Several basketball associations’ regulation courts are 94ftx 50ft while high school courts are 84ft long.  When making half a court (something that would usually fit in a backyard), the obvious choice is to halve these numbers and go for a well-managed home court. Chose a flat surface to make your job easier. Take windows in to consideration when deciding the location of the basketball goals.

Buy the Hoops

The basketball hoops are a crucial part of the court. Purchase and cement the basketball goals into the ground. You can even buy the ones with adjustable heights. Make sure you buy two hoops for a whole court.

Mark the Area Appropriately

Use four stakes to mark out the dimensions of the court with a measuring tape. Tying some ropes around the stakes will provide you with a better feel for the size. Make sure you leave out room for the “out of bounds” so players know to stay within the boundaries and don’t step outside into someplace else.

Level the Playing Field

Make sure you clear out everything but the dirt within the area you just marked and level it. You will need to move dirt from high areas to lower ones so everything stays smooth.

Create a Concrete Foundation

When the weather is dry and you have a day and a half to let the concrete set, you can set a concrete foundation. It is best if you install the pole hoops during this time, because they need to be placed 1-2ft above the ground and stabilized with concrete. You may also install any fences. The regular height is 10ft from the ground till the top of the rim. You can even contact a cement company. They will do everything for you.

Paint Lines in the Playing Field

This will be really simple if you have a stencil kit with you. Otherwise, masking and measuring tapes, along with enough spray paint, will suffice. Your target will be to properly label these following divisions of the home court:

  • The free-throw line, 12ft by 19ft
  • The free- throw line exactly 15ft from the center of the hoop and 12ft long
  • The center- line horizontally from one side to another, directly in the middle
  • The out of bounds line, 2 to 3 inches thick around the whole court

Have fun painting the lines. You can use the colors of your favorite teams, or create your own “home” team. You can even create your own colorful logo.

Consider the Surfacing

Surfacing will not only look awesome but also be easier on your knees. If you are planning to use your driveway, go for modular tile surfacing as it can hold up to cars and even come pre-painted.

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