Although they aren’t very common, homes that are built on a chassis that can be moved are becoming very popular amongst people. This is especially so in those that travel a lot and are on tight budgets. They are also popular amongst people that are purchasing homes for the first time. They are made of cheap material that is easily assembled, meaning that they are cheaper when both buying and when assembling as compared to brick and mortar homes. In this article, we are going to look at the benefits of these transportable homes.

Benefits of Transportable Homes


They are not costly and can therefore be purchased by many homebuyers. This is because they are manufactured from low cost materials, and they are also a lot cheaper to assemble when it comes to labor costs. They are much cheaper than renting or purchasing land.


There are those types of people that don’t like staying in an area for too long. They prefer to be on the move, and with transportable homes, they can move without having to go to the trouble of looking for new homes in their new locations.

Quality Craftsmanship

When people purchase old homes, there is always the risk of buying homes that have hidden problems such as mold, rot, and termites, and not to mention that they were probably manufactured by architects and contractors that are not very experienced. This is rarely the case with modular homes since they are manufactured in factories with maximum supervision.

Solid Materials

Transportable homes are constructed with materials that are quality assured and reinforced. They are tested for support and support before they even leave the factories, and in most cases, they outlast standard homes.

Environmentally Friendly

These are homes that leave behind a very small carbon footprint, being that they need very little energy to assemble. There is also the fact that you don’t have to clear land, cutting down more trees to construct another house, resulting in wastage of energy.

Speedy Construction

With these homes, one won’t have to wait for months or years for the house to be built since they can be assembled in a speedy way, taking just a couple of days before one gets to enjoy their new home.

Set-Up Anywhere

These homes can be set up anywhere, even where there are no building resources or experienced construction workers. For standard homes that would be costly as they would have to import the materials from other areas, and not to mention the workers. This has made modular homes popular with people like wildlife research scientists.

Artisan Timber and Log Homes

Now that we are talking about homes, I couldn’t resist the urge to write about timber frame homes, homes that are have the perfect frames for your home. In timber frame homes, log timbers are used as structural support, and they can support complex designs and styles. The highest quality of timber, Douglas-fir, is used to make them, and the timbers are usually seen inside the house. These are good examples of transportable homes, and the timber can be packed efficiently into shipping containers when you’re ready to move.


If you’re thinking of buying your first home, or you’re one of those people that are always on the move, you might want to consider buying a transportable home. The cost is way less than the standard homes, and you can move with them anywhere. For excellent quality and style, you should consider going with timber frame homes.